Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor Living Space

February 20, 2017

Yes I know it has been extremely warm outside for most this past month or longer. But have you been outside at either 7am or close to sunset? It actually is much more tolerable and pleasant. So with that in mind I had a conversation with a new construction homebuyer regarding thinking of the outdoors as an important room or space in your home. I think as a REALTOR one of the best apps for my I-phone is a compass. I use this app often as I emphasis regardless of what you are buying, raw land or a house, know where the sun rises and sets. There is no right or wrong but when we bought and built our home I wanted some shade in my back yard.

Here are a few suggestions to consider:

Identify your intended or specific use and a focal point. Do you want a pool, BBQ area, outdoor kitchen, fire pit or fire place? Some of your choices will involve electricity, water and sewer or some type of gas. If you are involved with new construction you can rough all that in. If it is an existing home you will need to identify the tie-ins and access.

Initially it is a good idea to frame you space. This can be done with a fence or planted materials. In some cases you might have a natural border such as a lagoon or other water features. Also keep in mind traffic patterns for easy and convenient flow while keeping your seating design and focal point in mind. Ingress and egress from the interior should be accessible and easy with a natural flow. Consider adding some bolder colors in furniture, accent walls and furniture. Of course a nice sound system is needed also for the fall and football season a television will always make a great focal point and is a must need.

Nature and outdoor living space can enhance the value of your home even though it is not embedded in the square foot price of your home. In most cases you will not receive a dollar back for every dollar spent but it can increase your chance to sell your home over others in the neighborhood. Remember a previous article I have written on “return on enjoyment”. That should factor in to your design and spending budget too.

So get out and enjoy the outdoors and perhaps you may even be able to do it year round even in July in Savannah.

Pete Chaison is co owner of Savannah list For Less and can be contacted at either pete@savannahlistforless.com or 912.313.2759


Pete Chaison.


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